How to Wash a Dog Bed Without a Removable Cover

How to Wash a Dog Bed Without a Removable Cover: Complete Guide to Washing Dog Beds

Just like our bed sheets need freshening up from time to time, the same is true for your dog’s bed. It’s so important to keep your dog’s sleeping area clean, odour-free, and hygienic, but it isn’t always easy. 

Some dog beds come with convenient removable covers that can easily be removed and machine washed, saving you hours of soaking and wringing! However, if you’re not lucky enough to own one of these beds, you’ll need to find different washing methods for different dog bed types

Today, we’ll show you how to wash a dog bed without a removable cover, and give you some other tips on washing dog beds, like how often to wash a dog bed. By keeping your dog’s sleeping area clean and hygienic, you’ll have a healthy, happy, well-rested pup ready for their next adventure!

Can You Wash a Dog Bed?

First of all, can you wash a dog bed, or will it fall apart? Is it ok to wash dog bed in washing machine? Here’s what you need to know before you throw your dog’s bed in the washing machine. 

The Importance of Washing a Dog Bed Frequently 

We don’t sleep in filth, so there’s absolutely no reason why our dogs should! Dogs, much like us, are susceptible to allergens, parasites, and bacteria that can accumulate in the areas they spend a lot of time in, like their bed. 

Frequent washing helps eliminate dirt, pet dander, and other potential irritants, safeguarding your dog's health and minimising the risk of skin issues or allergies. It also removes unpleasant odours, creating a more comfortable and pleasant environment for both you and your pup.

Is it OK to Wash Dog Bed in Washing Machine, Though?

If your dog’s bed has a removable cover, it’s easy to wash. You can simply take the cover off and either wash it in the machine or by hand. But how do you go about washing dog beds without a removable cover? 

Is it ok to wash dog bed in washing machine? It’s obviously a lot more practical, but it depends on what the bed is made of and how big it is. Make sure you check your dog bed’s care instructions - it will provide details for washing, including whether machine washing is an option. 

Here are Mighty Munch, our dog bed is machine washable - so you don't have to stress about how to wash a dog bed. It's easy. Just throw it in the washing machine!

But if your dog’s bed no longer has the tag, or you can’t find washing instructions, what’s the best way to wash a dog bed? Stay tuned - we’re about to explain how to wash a dog bed without a removable cover for best results. 

How to Wash a Dog Bed Without a Removable Cover: Step-by-Step Guide to Washing Dog Beds

Although it will take a lot more time and effort, washing dog beds without a cover you can take off is still possible. Here’s how to wash a dog bed without a removable cover. 

Pre-Cleaning Preparations for Effective Washing

Before you start washing dog beds, it’s important to do some pre-cleaning prep. Begin by removing loose dirt and debris from the dog bed, as these will be a nuisance once you start hand washing the bed. Use a vacuum or a stiff brush to loosen and eliminate pet hair, dust, and other particles. 

Hand Washing Techniques for Optimal Cleaning

Hand washing can be a pain, but most dog beds are too large for a washing machine, and the foam and other materials inside will lose their shape from a machine wash, making the bed lumpy and uncomfortable. Many large dog beds won’t even survive a cycle in your washing machine. 

The best way to wash a dog bed by hand is to fill a large basin or bathtub with lukewarm water and add a mild pet-safe detergent. Gently agitate the water to create suds. Submerge the dog bed in the soapy water, ensuring you get it completely wet. 

Use a soft-bristled brush or cloth to scrub the surface, paying close attention to particularly dirty areas or stains. Rinse the bed thoroughly to remove all detergent residue, ensuring that you have a clean and residue-free sleeping surface for your furry friend.

Drying Methods to Preserve Bed Integrity

After washing dog beds, the drying process is critical to prevent mould, mildew, and unpleasant odours. While some dog beds may be suitable for machine drying, most require air drying to maintain their integrity. 

If you do dry your dog's bed in a dryer, use a low heat setting to prevent damage to the bed's fabric or filling. For air drying, choose a well-ventilated area and ensure the bed is completely dry before returning it to your pet's living space.

Spot Cleaning for Stains and Odors

Because washing dog beds without removable covers takes some work, you can also spot clean stains and odours to save some time. You’ll still have to fully wash the bed at some point, but spot cleaning can buy you some time and help to keep those pet smells away. 

Either invest in the best pet odour eliminator for spot cleaning or make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Gently blot the area with a clean cloth or sponge, or spritz the cleaner onto the area. 

How Often to Wash a Dog Bed 

It’s a good idea to establish a regular cleaning schedule for your dog’s bed - you can set a calendar reminder when it’s time to give your pup’s bed a freshen-up. But how frequently should you be washing dog beds? Let’s take a look. 

Determining Washing Frequency Based on Dog's Lifestyle

Really, how often you wash your dog’s bed depends on your dog. If they spend a lot of time outdoors, love rolling around and playing outside, or love to dig, there’s a good chance they’re bringing in a lot more dirt and allergens than dogs that mostly stay indoors. 

If your dog’s an outdoor adventurer, you might need to wash their bed more frequently. At the same time, dogs that shed a lot, or puppies who might still be prone to accidents, may also need a more frequent washing cycle for their beds. 

General Guidelines for How Often to Wash a Dog Bed

As a rule of thumb, dog beds should undergo a thorough cleaning at least once a month. This routine washing helps prevent the buildup of dirt, allergens, and bacteria that can compromise the hygiene of the bed. 

Can you wash a dog bed more frequently than that? Yes, of course! Cleaning your dog’s bed regularly is a good idea, especially if your dog is sick, their bed is starting to smell, or there’s a visible stain or dirt on it. 

Can you wash a dog bed less frequently than once a month? You can, but it’s not the best for your dog’s health and happiness. The only time it’s really ok to wash your dog’s bed infrequently is when they hardly use it. On that note, this guide can show you how to get a dog to sleep in their own bed!

Is a Dog Bed Washing Service Worth it?

Depending on where you live, you might have the option of enlisting a professional service to wash your dog’s bed. But is this actually the best way to wash a dog bed?

While it might be more convenient, a dog bed washing service is certainly going to come at a cost. If you’re ok with paying a premium price, and you can find a service you trust, calling the professionals gives you one less chore to worry about. 

Signs Your Dog Bed is in Need of Replacement

Learning how to wash a dog bed is one thing, but sometimes even a thorough scrub won’t bring your dog’s bed back to life. Here’s how to know when it might be time to invest in a new dog bed instead. 

Identifying Wear and Tear Indicators

Depending on your dog, their bed may last a long time or a relatively short time. Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear, like frayed seams or fabric, especially if your dog chews their bed or likes to drag it around the house. 

Also, inspect your dog’s bed regularly to check for flattened or uneven padding, which can lead to inadequate support and discomfort for your dog. If your dog already has joint issues, make sure their bed is nice and supportive and invest in the best joint supplement for dogs to keep your pup pain-free.

Despite regular cleaning, persistent odours that resist removal may indicate deep-seated issues within your dog’s bed, such as mould or bacterial growth. If your dog’s bed is seriously stinky, even after multiple washes, replacement might be the safest option.

Health and Comfort Considerations for Replacement

Apart from visible wear, you also need to think about your dog’s comfort and well-being. If your dog develops allergies or skin irritations that persist despite thorough cleaning, the bed may be harbouring allergens or irritants. 

If this happens to your dog, try replacing their bed with a fresh and hypoallergenic bed, invest in the best dog food for itchy skin, and explore these natural remedies for dog itchy skin.

Also, think about your dog’s age. Aging or arthritic dogs, in particular, benefit from orthopedic beds that provide optimal support, as do larger dog breeds that are susceptible to joint issues later in life. 

If your dog's current bed no longer meets these needs or shows signs of sagging, investing in a new bed designed for orthopedic support is advisable. You can also look into joint pain relief for dogs, invest in the best product for dog joint pain, and explore this guide on senior dog joint pain

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Final Thoughts on How to Wash a Dog Bed Without a Removable Cover

While some dog beds can be machine washed, many will lose their integrity or are simply too big for your machine. If your dog’s bed doesn’t have a removable cover, washing it will likely take a bit of time and effort on your part, but it’s worth it to keep your pup safe and healthy! 

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