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So far they seem to be working,

This product works

I use for my two dogs and it works have not found anything I can buy on the shelf that works as well

Dog Probiotics
Julie M.
Dog Probiotics

Great product

No more itch

It’s great no more itching his paws he’s a very happy puppy now

Anxious arthritic boy now happy

Thank you for enabling my old boy to get a new lease on life. He has been visibly more active since taking Mighty Munch. Not sure there is any change taking the probiotics. He still burps a lot and eats soil each day.
Maybe just a bad habit? Anyway thank you for giving us another option.

Dental Care
Margaret F.
Vic the Greyhound

Vic’s teeth are looking so much better. I’ll be continuing with this product, just love it!


We were devestated our 10 year old Rottie-Staffy cross girl got very wobbly on her rear legs. The vet prescribed an anti-inflammatory which made her sick. In desperation we ordered the joint meal topper from Mighty Munch. So glad we did as our girl is her happy self. Her wobbly legs are so much better. Thanks Mighty Munch. The joint meal topper is AMAZING!

Has made a huge difference to our dogs joint issue. She now doesn’t limp after a walk and has even started running freely.

Awesome really works

My 10 year old staffy is like a puppy. I started him on joint meal topper and he's a new dog. Tried the ulitmate bundle and notice his poops are more solid and his breath and teeth have improved..

Wow,how good is MightyMunch!

Our 10 year labrador Abbie was very stiff, didn’t want to get out of her bed ,now she’s trotting around like a 2 year old, we can’t believe the transformation,so pleased we tried this formula 💕💕

Love it

Such a significant change in my dog's ability to move easily. He can jump and run and zoom around with ease compared to before where he would limp and couldn't jump up to sit on the couch.

Dog Probiotics
Valerie G.

My dog has mostly stopped liking and biting her paws, happy with product would recommend.

Dog Probiotics
Dog Probiotics

Prior to starting the dog probiotics my 14 month old dachshund was constantly chewing his feet. Since then it has reduced greatly. A little bit goes a long way too.

Dental Care
Andrew B.

Still getting her to drink it with her water.bit slow at the mo

Mighty Munch Joint Meal Topper

I Give the Meal Topper 5 stars as from the first time I put it on the meal next morning we noticed our Kelpie dog limp was 90% better & she sprinted like a bat out of hell for the first time in a long time. It never bothered her being spread on top of her meal she likes it. Everyday she got better & now she running & walking back to normal, the dogs is 8 years old. I strongly recommend to anybody if their dog has muscle & joint problems (Arthritis) to give Mighty Munch Meal Topper a go.

Joint Meal Topper
Geraldine B.
Best thing Eva

My girl of 19 yrs a pugalaire. Could not jump up onto a chair, or down. Within 3/4 days. Guess who’s jumping up. More lively. Happier doggo. Like anybody. If you’re in pain. Life is hard.
Will be doing the probiotic for the paw licking. Which has just come.
Would like more in a pkt and it’s hard to get it all out. Are there bigger sizing sachets? Am going to pour it into a small container. Will be easier to get at. Thankyou for helping my girls

Marly's Munch review

Feet chewing and excessive licking has dropped off.
Tummy rashes have reduced. Sprinkle munch on yogurt or mashed potato and gets eaten pretty quickly.
Coat / hair patches still to grow back fully.

Dog Probiotics
Karen S.

Dog Probiotics

Joint Meal Topper
Cherylee C.

Joint Meal Topper


I highly recommend Joint meal topper. Just after 2 weeks on this product my old fur kid dog is walking so much better. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Joint Meal Topper (Promo)

Good value.

Great starter bundles to try products. Good value and fast shipping. Thank you very much.

Dog Probiotics
Sharen S.
Dog Probiotics

My cavalier has a very delicate stomach and reacts to the majority of foods. She is fed a hypoallergenic kibble only which she still reacted to until I started her on the Mighty Munch Dog Probiotics. Can highly recommend this product.


Since buying mighty Munch probiotic,my dog has stopped nibbling her paws 🐾 . She used to spend her days and nights doing this.
I am so relieved that I found mighty Munch probiotic, it's the best thing ever. Thank you Pam

Dog Probiotics
Gerard E.
Get this you won't be disappointed

I bought the probiotics because I saw my dog with itch and balding issues. The vet told me it was difficult to manage and would need a special diet. Since my pet has been on the probiotics, I have seen a massive improvment in just two weeks. He seems less focused on itching, his coat is glowing and shiny. The baulding is going away. At least 80% better.
I got the three pack deal and use half scoop daily. That's $100 for 6 months.


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