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Best product ever

My dog was chewing and scratching all the time, losing patches of fur, since being on the probiotics, the scratching and biting has almost stopped, and he seemalot happier. He did have a bit of diarrhea at the start but that has subsided. Now I'm trying the joint formula

Dog Probiotics
Yolanda F.
Skin and gut

Since using mighty munch probiotics with good dog food Finns skin and gut has been great. Thank you


All dog owners should use it.

My pooch has been having mighty munch since he was just a pup after it was recommended by our vet. We will continue to feed it as it's an easy topped supporting good gut health.

Might munch meal toppee

I have been given it to my 2 female dogs both 9 for 7 days, slight improvement but I believe it would take 14 days to really tell.


Really impressed no more licking 👏

Good stuff

We've used the probiotic over the last month for our 11 year old German Shepherd. Her breath was noticeably poor and she was eating grass quite regularly. Over the last few weeks her breath has improved and she's not vomiting or eating grass. The probiotic powder has worked wonders. Good stuff

Happy customer

I have just ordered my second triple pack of meal topper probiotic. It took a few weeks to notice any change in my dog's paw licking habit, but it now seems that she has almost stopped completely. The only issue I have is that as she is a smaller dog, she only needs half a scoop but the orange colour of the scoop makes it a bit more difficult to judge the quantity. My suggestion, if I may, is to change to a clear plastic scoop so that the product can be seen through the sides.

Dog Probiotics
Peter G.
Really Works!

Charlie, our silky, was on medication to stop chewing his paws. We switched to Mighty Mulch, which is just as effective as the prescription medication and it is natural

Great product

Just started using it. Seems to be helping with gut and skin issues so far. Only criticism is the half dose my dog needs is hard to gauge with the scoop provided.,

Life changing

Bear is 14 and we have been using Mightymunch for a number of years with our 14yo rescue dog . The difference has been amazing and if we accidentally miss one day it is really noticeable and we realised we can’t even miss one day
Small price to pay to see him active and happy

Dog Probiotics
susan l.
Mighty Munch

My dogs have stopped licking and chewing on there paws. So happy with the progress

Dog Probiotics
Jodie B.
Amazing product

I really thought this was going to be another complete waste of time and money. Another Too good to be true product but boy, was I wrong. Within 2 weeks of sprinkling 2 scoops of this powder on my girls food every night her attack on her feet and tummy has stopped. The redness has completely gone and she is so comfortable again. Thankyou for your fabulous product.

Joint Meal Topper (NZ)

Joint & Coat Bundle

Dog Probiotics
Leanne p.
Dog probiotic



About to order some more


Dog Probiotics (Promo)

Fish Oil For Dogs
Elizabeth W.
My dog loves it

Raffy (the dog) has been enjoying his fish oil a lot. Delivery was quick and customer service was amazing! Thanks very much.

Dog Probiotics
Crystal R.

Dog Probiotics

Dog Probiotics
Helen G.
Great product

Really helps with my dogs itchy paws. He`s been on this for awhile now and wouldn't be without it. Thank you

Fantastic results

Our dog has seen a significant difference in her mobility and mood thanks to these products. Thank you.

Mighty Munch Dog Probiotics

Working very well, the endless scratching has ceased and my dogs are a lot happier. Very satisfied with the speedy delivery and great packaging.

Smells good

Only thing that gets rid of the doggy smell on the dog toys and dog beds

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