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Dog Probiotics
Jason H.
Dog Probiotics (Meal topper)

I honestly thought it was going to be another online scam.We’d been going to the Vets for years to try & find a cure for our dog Mimi from chewing all her fur.Not only her paws but entire body.It was heartbreaking to watch.Before we’d finished the first packet we’d seen change.All bald patches have now gone.We’ve got our Mimi back.We continue to use this product today.Guarantee this product.

Jason & Mimi.

Joint Meal Topper

It works on my Japanese spits he is twelve years old they say he will only live till twelve but he is in his thirteen year so I am happily. Thank you

Joint Meal Topper

Ultimate pack

Made huge difference to Izzy's tummy and toilet routine (probiotic) Buddy ( brown) is moving better and is helping with his ability to get up (hip and joint)

Dog Probiotics (Promo)
Mieczyslawa P.

I'm not sure about the result because it's still too short a time, I have two dogs and I think one of them has stopped licking itself, the other one licks itself at night because I see wet places on the blanket

Mighty Munch

Have always like the might much dental care and will be ordering some more very soon.

Dog Probiotics
Cathy P.

Our little dog has more energy and has lost a bit of weight. We’re very happy. So is Cindy.

Joint Meal Topper

Sheba my 13 1/2 year old German shepherd
Loved it. Unfortunately she had to be euthanised last week.😥 I have passed it onto my friend who has an older dog. I really appreciated how quickly I received the order. I'm sure it helped Sheba in her final days.

Dog Probiotics
Starts working after 3 weeks

Our staffy chews and licks himself a lot for different reasons. After the three week mark, his poops were runny for 2 days and he began to lick himself less, his farts barely stank and his breath was way better. Stick with the treatment to see results.


General over all health improvement.
The little scoops are annoying though as Loki is a big dog, have to give three scoops per dose.

Dog Probiotics

Works great my dog is not shaking his head and his ears are clearing up

Great Probiotics

My dog is so much happier when these are added to his feed.

Good stuff!

It’s taken a good few weeks but just in last couple of days noticing our little fur baby not licking or biting his paws. It’s good stuff and highly recommend!

Fabulous product. My dogs not licking feet anymore.

Highly recommend this product.

Dog Probiotics
Annette G.
Mighty munch

This actually works, our dog has stopped licking his feet. He is also a very fussy eater, and licks the power off his food before eating.

Dog Probiotics

Amazing product. Bought it to help my dog and he had terrific results within a couple of days!!

Dog Probiotics
Jeanette S.
Positive Outcome

Our 13 year old Schnoodle was forever licking his feet
Since trialling the probiotic formulae
He has stopped
We are very pleased with the results.
Thank you

It works.

Kobe seems to have made a substantial improvement on his hind leg movement. He has cruciate ligament damage and the mighty munch powder has helped him. Along with lots of rest of course.

I have two dogs one is old and was struggling to get up and move around and the hip and joint formula is working and the other was always chewing his feet and licking all the time and has stopped chewing, licking and all his redness has gone, thanks heaps 🙏👏👍

Dog Probiotics
Deanna O.

Sam is not licking his feet as much and colour is coming back to his feet

Has helped our 12 year old kelpie x heaps more than the $100 plus arthritis injections

Great product, really works

Mighty Munch Fish Oil.

I use so many of Mighty Munch’s products and I have just started using their Fish Oil.
As with all their other products I use, I find it very beneficial to add to my Cavaliers food.
Mighty Munch has so many products that I find I don’t have to shop anywhere else because they have such an extensive selection of products.
Thank you Mighty Munch, I am so happy with all your products that I use.

No More Licking 🐾🐾

My çhiauaha constantly licked his paws after a few days on the probiotic powder he has been a much happier dog and no signs of licking his feet. One happy pup

A very Happy Puppy

I was having trouble feeding my puppy. She would not eat dog / puppy food of any kind so I started cooking for her but found she would not eat the same food day after day - very fussy, spoilt princess
After seeing the add for Mighty Munch i thought why not give it a try
By sprinkling on her food she licks her bowl clean which is great for her and for me as I am no longer seeing her food go to waiste.

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