“Absolutely fantastic product, our dog couldn't move, and after using the meal topper he's like a puppy again 😁 definitely recommended.“

Jackie J, VIC

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Revitalize Your Dog's Joints: Less Pain, More Play!

Reduces Joint Pain.

Improves Mobility and Flexibility.

Enhances Joint Health & Strength.

Improves Quality of Life.

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Domestic Orders will be shipped via AusPost. A tracking number will be issued to your email.

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4.8/5 Star Reviews


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A lot of the problems pet owners mistake for isolated issues can actually be larger symptoms of joint issues. We hear pet owners all the time say, "I thought it was old age," but in reality their pet is experiencing joint pain. Our meal topper is specially formulated to restore optimal joint health. Here are just a few of the problems it treats:

1. Struggling to Get Up

Dogs with joint issues often experience pain, which makes the simple action of standing up uncomfortable or even worse, painful. Our Hip & Joint formula is comprised of 3 powerful ingredients Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin designed to relieve pain and repair cartilage, making getting up easier for your dog.

2. Reluctance to Climb Stairs

Mighty Munch supplements aid in repairing and maintaining joint cartilage. Healthy cartilage in your dog acts as a cushion in the joints, which is crucial for smooth movement and prevents their bones grinding against one another. By promoting joint health, the meal topper helps in making movements like climbing stairs easier and more comfortable for your dog.

3. Limping

Limping dogs tend to be less active in day to day life. They may avoid playing, running, or even walking, leading to reduced physical fitness and potentially contributing to weight gain, which can exacerbate joint problems even further. They may also become irritable, less interactive, or more withdrawn, and may react negatively to being touched or approached. This Hip & Joint Meal Topper helps in reducing limping in dogs by addressing the underlying causes such as joint pain and degradation, improving joint health, enhancing mobility, and supporting overall joint function. This holistic approach ensures that the dog experiences less discomfort and can maintain a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Customer Reviews - Mighty Munch Hip & Joint Meal Topper

Customer Reviews

Based on 2972 reviews
Christopher c.
Best product ever

My dog was chewing and scratching all the time, losing patches of fur, since being on the probiotics, the scratching and biting has almost stopped, and he seemalot happier. He did have a bit of diarrhea at the start but that has subsided. Now I'm trying the joint formula

Yolanda F.
Skin and gut

Since using mighty munch probiotics with good dog food Finns skin and gut has been great. Thank you

Raewyn K.

All dog owners should use it.

H E.C.

My pooch has been having mighty munch since he was just a pup after it was recommended by our vet. We will continue to feed it as it's an easy topped supporting good gut health.

mike h.

Really impressed no more licking 👏

Over 10,000 meal toppers sold per month

Thousands of pet parents have rated our Hip & Joint Meal Topper 4.8/5 Stars

Vet Approved Dog Hip & Joint Supplements Designed for All Breeds

Loving your dog is easy but finding the best dog supplement for your furry friend can be a daunting task. You just want the best for your pooch – especially as they enter their senior years – but researching Hip & Joint Meal Toppers can leave anyone chasing their own tail.

At Mighty Munch, we are dog people, and we have a million photos to prove it (don’t lie, you do too). As dog people, we also spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to care for our best friends. Mighty Munch Hip & Joint Meal Toppers were born out of a desire to give every dog the best. It’s our mission to make this easier for every dog owner. Our Hip & Joint Meal Toppers are proudly Veterinarian Approved, and they have hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied pet parents.

We strived to create the best dog supplements, and all the science, professionals, & pet parents agree that our range is great for dogs!

Why Pet Owners Choose Our Hip & Joint Meal Topper

Our Hip & Joint meal topper is 100% pure and helps to prevent common problems like stuggling to get up, reluctance to climb stairs and limping. They are made with all-natural ingredients that we proudly display on this page and all our products.

Read on to learn more about our Hip & Joint meal topper for dogs and see how much difference a once-a-day treat can make. If you have questions about Mighty Munch, reach out to our 24/7 customer support team at any time!

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee Our Dog Probiotics Work Or You Don't Pay

We want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy from Mighty Munch. And if you're not entirely happy with your probiotic meal topper, we will refund your money in full, or exchange the goods. All we ask is that you contact our customer service team – you don’t even need to return your purchase!

Key Ingredients

The First 100% Pure Joint Meal Topper


Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body and works to increase the amount of cartilage and fluid in the joints, preventing joint pain and stiffness.


MSM is naturally found in dogs, and is often used for pain relief. It works to ease joint inflammation and swelling, and inhibit the breakdown of cartilage, the tissue which protects your joints.


Chondroitin works to reduce the intensity of joint symptoms like stiffness, tenderness, swelling and discomfort. It can also increase blood flow throughout the body to reduce pain and swelling.

You’re using the Wrong Medication!

Our Mighty Munch pure meal topper helps to nourish, heal & strengthen joints, cartilage & bones of aging dogs. What makes us different is that we are the first brand to create a 100% pure meal topper. Thats right! No Fillers.


Delicious and 100% pure active ingredients only.

Helps to ease the pain and stiffness caused by joint and hip problems.

Helps with swelling and flexibility.

Provides support so your dog can feel comfortable, happy and pain-free.

Supports the natural production of cartilage to ease joint problems.


Leaves your dog feeling drowsy.

Ineffective : Won’t target the cause of the pain.

Unnecessary chemicals and nasties.

Possible Side effects.

Animal-Tested : Unethical Treatment Harms Animals & Your Conscience.

Other Dangers : Unknown Ingredients and Unnatural Substances.

Mighty Munch is helping dogs be happier, daily.


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