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Dog Probiotics
Philip d.P.

The prebiotic seems to be working as my dog has stoped scratching herself.

Dog Probiotics
Jodie B.
probiotic power for dogs

excellent product my dog has stopping licking his paws

18 days in

Brought the probiotic powder for my labradoodle who was constantly licking her paws and they were pretty stained. I think I'm starting to see results now, not fixed but getting better...

Dental Care
Amanda H.
Dental carec

Have been restocking as Dental care is really helping prevent placque build up on my dogs teeth and managing any breath odour

Dental Care
Tracey E.
Where have you been all my life

This stuff is awesome. As my staffy ages, his teeth were becoming quite blah, even though I did everything you're supposed to. His teeth are so much better. Staffy breath is cured!! My boy actually drinks the water with dental care in it before he drinks the standard water because he likes the taste - we're in the tropics; lots of water available.

Dog Probiotics

Joint Meal Topper (Promo)

Happy doggies

Great service. Quick to complete the order. Thank you.

Dental Care
Patricia M.
Great doggie breath

So far this product has been great hopefully it continues to improve her breath. It has definitely cleaned her teeth.

Happy Days

This has made a big difference no more red lips teeth are much cleaner and no more over the top paw licking wet grass was a nightmare not any more thanks to this amazing product
Humans happy to

Dog Probiotics (NZ)

Joint Meal Topper

Very impressed with this product. I have tried a few different products for joint support and mobility and this one is the clear winner. The difference was noticeable within a few days. I would definitely recommend Mighty Munch to anyone who is looking for a natural product for joint support. Good job Mighty Munch!

I’ve noticed my dogs teeth seem better.

Thank you

Luna has stopped her itching will definitely be buying more

Waiting for it to work .

I have been giving the dog Probiotics to my dog for almost three weeks and there has been a slight improvement in his itching . I will review again after a month of using this product. Hopefully there will be more improvement.

Ultimate Care Bundle

Top top up

Quick service and continued improved pooch performance

Changes in a week

I have been using the probiotics for 2 weeks now and have noticed a huge improvement in the shine of their coats, colour of their gums and in general well-being.

My old boy Ewok

Sinse giving D/P to my 15 year old boy, Ewok now eats all of his meals, whereas before he would leave some of his food in his dish. I'm feeling better knowing he's eating all of his food. I've also noticed he's not licking his paws as often as he used to.
Thank you Mighty Munch
Cheers Debbie

So far so good!

My dog has stopped excessively licking her paws since being on Mighty Munch which is great! She eats it no problem when I put on her food in the evening. I am hoping the product will assist with her gut and firm up stools since her nasty gastro bug. Still early days but definitely happy with the process. Thank you!

Dog Probiotics
Jenna W.


Great Products

After buying the Ultimate Care Bundle, the Pet Dental Care has made a difference in the dogs teeth & breath. The Hip & Joint meal topper is being used on our 13yr old Stafford, which has made an incredible change
in his mobility. He was very slow & unstable on his back legs, he now gets a run up… highly recommended

Happy Cavoodle

Since using the probiotic our 5 year old Cavoodle is scratching himself and licking his paws less. We are happy with how he is responding to the product.

Have seen positive improvement in my dogs teeth by diluting product in spray bottle and spraying directly on their teeth. Had previously purchased product and used as per instructions to add to water - but did not notice any difference.

Dog Probiotics